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Being pregnant won't be easy at all times. You need to take good care of yourself!

Why pregnancy massage?

9 months of physical changes and  making arrangements and a lot of desicions... Being pregnant is a unique experience in your life and that's why it's important to point some extra attention towards yourself. Your baby and your changing body do aks a lot from you during these months. A pregnancy massage will hopefully make it possible to let it all go for a while and make you completely relaxed.

A relaxed mother ensures a relaxed baby! 

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Frequently asked questions

When can I get a pregnancy massage?

During the first trimester it's not recommended to get a pregnancy massage, which also applies to any other massage. A massage releases a lot of waste products which can be harmful to your baby in the first few months. It's possible to get a pregnancy massage from the second trimester on (week 14).

How long does a pregnancy massage take?

On average, a pregnancy massage lasts about one hour.

What are the benefits of a pregnancy massage?

In which position will I receive the pregnancy massage?

During the pregnancy massage you need to lie on your side. Your body is being supported by pillows under your stomach and between your elbows and knees. We ensure you that you can lie down in a relaxed way. As a matter of course we will make the room nice and warm.

Who takes care of the pregnancy massage?

Esther Rasenberg, she has been a midwife for 35 years and knows better than anyone what relaxation can mean for your pregnant body. She's recently trained as a pregnancy masseur.

What does a pregnancy massage cost?

Pregnancy massages are offered in our Conscious and Customized care packages. Click here for more information.

If you want to book a separate pregnancy massage, the costs are 60 euros per hour. It is also possible to book a separate maternity bed massage at home. These costs are 90 euros per hour. You can fill in the registration form or call our assistants. You can reach them on working days from 8.30 am - 4.30 pm on 073 521 07 64.


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