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Being pregnant is a unique experience in your life. We understand that you might have a lot of questions during this particular period and maybe you even find yourself insecure sometimes. Belle Vie shall accompany you professionally and understanding. With our knowledge and years of experience, is your pregnancy with us in the right hands.  

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Birthcare and Welfare. We offer you complete personal care while your pregnancy, delivery and maternity care. Furthermore, we can accompany you in the wishes of getting a child, coaching, pregnancy massage and birth control. 

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Walk-in hours

You may enter without an appointment to hear the heartbeat for a second, an extra measuring of your bloodpressure or to ask a short question.

Where: location Groote Wielen
When: fridaymorning from 8.30 until 9 o'clock. 

It's not intended to walk in if you have pregnancy complaints such as bloodloss or an hard stomach. You then need to call the midwife on duty; +31 6 53548631


We like to accompany you at a way which fits you. You will get to know all the midwives during the consultation hours. Do you prefer to be accompanied by two people? That's also possible. Indicate your wishes to us and we will make a personal plan. 


All the midwives from Belle Vie are registered via BIG and quality register KNOV.
We work tightly together with @Verlosdenbosch in which gynecologists, peadiatricians, maternity nurses and general practitioners from the region comply with agreements regarding maternity care.


Do you live in Rosmalen, Groote Wielen, Hintham, Berlicum, Middelrode, Geffen, Nuland or Vinkel? We support you with a delivery at home as well as a delivery at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital or the Hospital Bernhoven. 

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