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Frequently asked questions

Birth control

Practical information

The birth control pill

We are able to prescribe the recipe for the birth control pill (oral anticonception) during the follow-up check or our maternity consult. We will inform your general practitioner of your choice of birth control.

Different kinds of intra uterine devices 

During the birth control consult it's possible to choose between the hormonal Intra uterine device Kyleena or Mirena ór for the copper intra uterine device T-Safe. If you choose one of these we will prescribe a recipe for you. Thereafter you need to pick up the Intra uterine device at your pharmacy. 

Insertion and removal of the intra uterine device
It's possible for us to insert a intra uterine device from 12 weeks after the delivery or caesarean section. By that time the cervix and uteris will be recovered sufficiently after the delivery. 

Right before te insertion we will measure your bloodpressure and weight. We also need to know your medicalhistory.
Thereafter we will insert the intra uterine device. This will take a few minutes and is a bit sensitive. That is why you need to take 1000 mg paracetamol or 200 mg ibuprofen approximately 45 minutes before the appointment. 

After the insertion you can have a nagging feeling in the lower abdomen. This is usually harmless and short termd. During the first months it's possible to have irregular bloodloss. We refer to the prescription for detailed information about the intra uterine device. You will receive a card from us with details about the insertion and until when, the intra uterine device can remain in place. You need to keep this safe.

You can also contact us for the removal of your intra uterine device. 


You can also contact us for the placing of a hormone rod in your arm. This is allowed 6 weeks after the delivery. You're protected for 3 years long. Take 1000 mg paracetamol or 200 mg ibuprofen approximately 45 minutes before the appointment.

What is the rate?

The birth control pill or the intra uterine device is mostly paid by yourself. With an additional insurance you can usually get a partial or full refund from your health insurance company. The most insurances will compensate the insertion of the intra uterine device. To avoid unexpected cost we advise you to check your health insurance in advance. 

How to make an appointment?

For the insertion or the removal of the ultra uterine device or for a prescription recipe for the birth control pill, you can make an appointment via our assistent 073-5210764 or via the contact form

If you would like to have a new intra uterine device inserted, we request that you notify us in time so we can prescribe a recipe whereafter you can pick up your new intra uterine device at the pharmacy. 


What can I expect during a coaching conversation?

A coaching trajectory is not a mapped out path. Often, after the first conversation, all kinds of insights emerge that ultimately determine the trajectory. 

The conversation starts with the question: 

  • What brings you here? 
  • What do you want differently in your life? 

Ultimately, we will structure and summarize this together to get to the core. 

There will emerge a subject that will draw your focus and attention. We are going to look at HOW you can start seeing this differently. During the conversations you will receive tools and insights. 

We conclude with a summary, homework and a new appointment. 

Who provides the coaching?

Judith Bekkers-Leijten,
Midwife and educated coach.
Since April 2020 it's possible for cliënts and their partners to turn to Belle Vie Birthcare and Welfare. Many different questions and conversations are passing by. The pshysical complaints don't have to be big or heavy, Judith is always able to support you no matter what your complaints are. 

Practical information coaching

I am affiliated with the VIV; Vereniging Integrale Vitaliteitkunde,

A professional association for therapists. Various health insurances will compansate this way of personal guidance. Depending on your additional insurance compansation is possible. This treatment belongs to alternative care, psychosocial care. Aks your health insurance company about the possibilities. 

  • In the context of personal development employers are (via the occupational physican or the human resources departement) in many cases willing to finance the coachings trajectory.
  • Do you work as a self-employed person? In this case it's possible to enter the costs for coaching as operating expenses. 
  • The conversations are taking place at the main location of the midwifery practice Belle Vie, Rodenborchweg 4, Rosmalen. 

What does coaching costs?

  • A conversation lasts approximately 1-1,5 hours.
  • The costs for a conversation are € 92,50 per hour.
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How do I prepare for an ultrasound?

If the ultrasound is made before being 13 weeks pregnant, do not pee in the last 2 hours beforehand. This ensures that your bladder is well filled. It's not necessary to drink more than usual. Ultrasound images are better visible if you don't use bodylotion or showercream on your belly from two days in advance of the ultrasound.  

What's happening during an ultrasound?

A transducer - some kind of camera - is placed against your belly. Sound waves are used to create images of the internal structures of the human body. This makes it possible to see the baby in the womb. This examination will not cause any discomfort.


Ultrasounds which are made very early in the pregnancy are almost always internal, through the vagina.

Am I allowed to make a movie during the ultrasound?

No. An ultrasound is an medical examination. If abnormalities are being seen, we can immediately respond to your questions and provide you with an explanation for a treatment- or accompanimentplan. 

Is it allowed to bring more than one person to the ultrasound?

We aks you to come together with your partner. We do understand that it's great to look at your unborn child. However, the ultrasounds we request do have a medical reason. That's why you do need to come with your partner, please leave others and/or small children at home. We do ask your understanding for this. Making an medical ultrasound and providing you with information about it does require accuracy and concentration. Fuss or distraction in the room may affect the quality. It's only allowed to bring in extra people if you like to make an extra ultrasound for fun, if the measures of Corona allows it. 

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Preconception care

Is it possible to make an appointment for a childwish consultation hour?

Everyone with the desire of getting pregnant or with specific questions about getting pregnant is welcome.
Are you a youngster or just a bit older, no matter what your history or lifestyle is, if it's about short term or the future. Register yourself via our contactform or make an appointment directly via our assistent. 

What are the costs of a childwish consultation?

De costs for a childwish consultation consult are € 71,83.

Most of the health insurance companies will compensate this for most part. 
Inquire information in advance how this is arranged at your insurance company. 

Extra fun ultrasound

What is the perfect time to have a extra fun ultrasound?

Depending on your wish, what you want to see, we use certain pregnancy weeks.

  • An early fun ultrasound can be made between 6 and 16 weeks pregnant
  • A gender determination ultrasound can be made from 14 - 15 weeks
  • The best period for a 3/4 D ultrasound is from 26 weeks.

Where can I register if I want an ultrasound?

Through our assistant you can indicate what kind of fun ultrasound you would like to have made. She will look at the right term together with you.

How can I pay for a fun ultrasound?

For the fun ultrasounds it is possible to pay by card as well as in cash. It is also possible to give a gift voucher.

I am a bit fuller and my placenta is in the front. When is the best time to have a fun ultrasound?

To determine the sex it is best to make an ultrasound appointment from 16 weeks. For a 3D/4D ultrasound, we recommend making the fun ultrasound between 27 and 28 weeks.

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When can I get a pregnancy massage?

During the first trimester it's not recommended to get a pregnancy massage, which also applies to any other massage. A massage releases a lot of waste products which can be harmful to your baby in the first few months. It's possible to get a pregnancy massage from the second trimester on (week 14).

How long does a pregnancy massage take?

On average, a pregnancy massage lasts about one hour.

What are the benefits of a pregnancy massage?

In which position will I receive the pregnancy massage?

During the pregnancy massage you need to lie on your side. Your body is being supported by pillows under your stomach and between your elbows and knees. We ensure you that you can lie down in a relaxed way. As a matter of course we will make the room nice and warm.

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Do you live in Rosmalen, Groote Wielen, Hintham, Berlicum, Middelrode, Geffen, Nuland or Vinkel? We support you with a delivery at home as well as a delivery at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital or the Hospital Bernhoven. 

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