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An ultrasound makes it possible to have a look at the baby in the womb on a screen. During the pregnancy there will be made a few medical ultrasounds. Do you like to watch more often? It's possible to maken an appointement for an extra ultrasound for fun. 

First ultrasound
Term ultrasound
13 week scan
20 week scan
Growth ultrasound
Position ultrasound
First ultrasound

When: around 8 weeks of pregnancy.

What do we see: if there is a live fetus in the womb, if the heart is beating in the amniotic sac, approximately how far along you are in the pregnancy and whether it is one or more children.


Term ultrasound

When: Between 10 and 12 weeks of pregnancy.

What we see: around this period we can accurately determine how long you are pregnant and what your due date is.

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The NIPT Brochure
13 week scan


When: between 12+3 and 14+3 weeks

What we see: As of September 2021, every pregnant woman can use an early screening ultrasound. Some abnormalities can be seen early on. This ultrasound is performed in the scientific research IMITAS.

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The brochure 13 week Scan
20 week scan

When: at 19-20 weeks of pregnancy.

What do we see: we check the development of the child and the structure of the organs. The growth of the child is also examined, whether there is sufficient amniotic fluid and whether there are any serious congenital abnormalities.


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The brochure 20 Week Scan
Growth ultrasound

When: around 32 weeks of pregnancy (and sometimes more often if indicated).

What we see: the growth of the child can be determined by measuring the head, abdomen and a bone in the thigh. We also check the amount of amniotic fluid, the placenta and the position of the child.

Position ultrasound

When: around 35/36 weeks (if needed).

What do we see: if the child is lying head down, or not lying in a standard position.

Why do we make ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds are made to determine the term of your pregnancy and to check the growth and eventually the position of your child. 

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Other information

An ultrasound doesn't guarantee an healthy child. Despite our best effort, some abnormalities may not be visible on an ultrasound. Abnormalities will always be notified to you. We do need your permission for this. 


All medical ultrasounds which are requested by a midwife, will be compensated by your health insurance company. 

It's a joy to see you growing into your own person.


Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare for an ultrasound?

If the ultrasound is made before being 13 weeks pregnant, do not pee in the last 2 hours beforehand. This ensures that your bladder is well filled. It's not necessary to drink more than usual. Ultrasound images are better visible if you don't use bodylotion or showercream on your belly from two days in advance of the ultrasound.  

What's happening during an ultrasound?

A transducer - some kind of camera - is placed against your belly. Sound waves are used to create images of the internal structures of the human body. This makes it possible to see the baby in the womb. This examination will not cause any discomfort.


Ultrasounds which are made very early in the pregnancy are almost always internal, through the vagina.

Am I allowed to make a movie during the ultrasound?

No. An ultrasound is an medical examination. If abnormalities are being seen, we can immediately respond to your questions and provide you with an explanation for a treatment- or accompanimentplan. 

Is it allowed to bring more than one person to the ultrasound?

We aks you to come together with your partner. We do understand that it's great to look at your unborn child. However, the ultrasounds we request do have a medical reason. That's why you do need to come with your partner, please leave others and/or small children at home. We do ask your understanding for this. Making an medical ultrasound and providing you with information about it does require accuracy and concentration. Fuss or distraction in the room may affect the quality. It's only allowed to bring in extra people if you like to make an extra ultrasound for fun, if the measures of Corona allows it. 

Do you make extra ultrasounds for fun?

Yes. At Belle Vie you can make extra ultrasounds for fun. 2D and 3D is possible. 3D from 6th of april 2022. 

Plan your own moment.
An extra ultrasound for fun is mainly made because it's great to look at your child or to find out the gender. It' allowed to bring extra peolpe in during the extra ultrasound for fun, if the measures allows it. 


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