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On working days we strive to respond within one day.

Important phone numbers



Midwife on duty

Practice assistent

Jeroen Bosch hospital

Policlinic gynecology Jeroen Bosch hospital

Policlinic gynecology Bernhoven hospital

When to use which phone number?

You may use the phone number of the midwife on duty when the delivery starts, when you're worried during your pregnancy or when you have questions during the maternity period. You can reach us day and nigt. We're not always able to answer the phone right away. Please leave a voicemail message when you have an urgent question.

Leave a short and clear message, don't forget to mention your name and phone number. We try to reach you back within 10 minutes. If we haven't reached you back within 10 minutes, please call us again. 

When you have a question you may always call us. When your question isn't urgent and you get the voicemail, please don't leave a message, but try to call later again. 

Our locations

Main location Birth care and Welfare

Rodenborchweg 4
5241 VM Rosmalen

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Groote Wielen Healtcare center Groote Wielen

Groote Wielenlaan 87
1234 AB Rosmalen

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Berlicum Healthcare center Berlicum

Milrooijseweg 57
1234 AB Berlicum

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Geffen Healthcare center Geffen

Smidse 2-4
1234 AB Geffen

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Vinkel Village practice Vinkel

Lindenlaan 28
5382 JA Vinkel

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