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Extra fun ultrasound

Admire and astonish! How great is it to watch your baby grow in your belly without any limits.

During medical ultrasounds there’s often not much time for extras. Luckily, ultrasound center Pril does make time for this! Find out whether it is a boy or girl, count the fingers together or enjoy your baby yawning.

We understand that you must be curious and would like to take an extra look at your little one.

Everything is possible within our new ultrasound center PRIL.


For all medical- and extra fun ultrasounds you can go to our main location at Rodenborchweg 4 in Rosmalen. The ultrasounds are made by well-trained and qualified sonographers. We have a spacious ultrasound chamber where you and your loved ones can admire all the images on a large screen.

You can see the gender from 14-15 weeks on. We look at this in 2D, this is a black and white ultrasound.

The baby will get more and more contours from 22-23 weeks on. You will see that the baby gains more body fat. The best period for an extra fun ultrasound is in the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy. This is between 26 and 28 weeks of being pregnant.

We’re able to show you the ultrasound in 2D and also in 3D. 

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Perfect images

We always try to visualize your baby as accurately as possible. The quality of the ultrasound images depends on the position of the baby, the position of the placenta, the amount of amniotic fluid and the thickness of the abdominal wall. It sometimes happens that due to one of these factors it is not possible to make beautiful images or to determine the gender. In this case, you may always come back once for free.


To perform the ultrasounds, Pril must have a contract as an ultrasound center with a WBO license holder. This license holder monitors the quality. Pril has a contract with the Regional Center for Prenatal Screening in the region of Nijmegen (SPN).


USB single purchace; €5

Gender card: Don’t you want to know the gender right away? We can write it down on a card which you can open at a special moment.

Gender Reveal confetti and smoke cannon: €6.50
Make it known to your loved ones in a special way whether your baby will be a boy or girl. Our advice is to use the confetti and cannon outside.

Gift vouchers: You can also contact us if you like to give someone an extra fun ultrasound as a gift. These gift vouchers are available in any amount. We do not give refunds on vouchers.

Frequently asked questions

What is the perfect time to have a extra fun ultrasound?

Depending on your wish, what you want to see, we use certain pregnancy weeks.

  • An early fun ultrasound can be made between 6 and 16 weeks pregnant
  • A gender determination ultrasound can be made from 14 - 15 weeks
  • The best period for a 3/4 D ultrasound is from 26 weeks.

Where can I register if I want an ultrasound?

Through our assistant you can indicate what kind of fun ultrasound you would like to have made. She will look at the right term together with you.

How can I pay for a fun ultrasound?

For the fun ultrasounds it is possible to pay by card as well as in cash. It is also possible to give a gift voucher.

I am a bit fuller and my placenta is in the front. When is the best time to have a fun ultrasound?

To determine the sex it is best to make an ultrasound appointment from 16 weeks. For a 3D/4D ultrasound, we recommend making the fun ultrasound between 27 and 28 weeks.

What if my child does not appear nicely or the gender cannot be determined on the day of the ultrasound?

If your baby does not come into the picture during the first ultrasound or the gender of your child cannot be detected properly, we will make a new appointment free of charge.

We had to be patient, but here is our son!

Mariëlle van Wijk, Berlicum

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