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“Take my hand, you don't have to be alone. Discuss your concerns. Just tell us, we'll figure it out together." 

When the hormones are rushing through your body.

You haven't been comfortable in your own skin for a while. Questions and/or events are always running through your mind. This is upsetting you. You might have fears or you might be feeling sad. You don't really know where this feelings or those thoughts come from. But you do know you don't want to go on like this any longer. 

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Do you recognize this?

  • Everyone seems to be pregnant, except me. 
  • How can I enjoy this pregnancy? 
  • After a fierce delivery you would like to experience your next delivery differently. 
  • When will cloud nine come? 
  • Even after years, you still have that unpleasant feeling while looking back on your pregnancy or the first time together with your baby.

So there are many more subjects, large or small, which might give you concerns. 


Why coaching?

During my work as a midwife I notice that some women are mentally stuck during their pregnancy, during the maternity period or the time afterwards. They struggle with all kinds of feelings, questions or fears. Not only the women, but also their partners might wrestle with their new role as parents and everything that comes with it. It's a rollercoaster in which I would like to support you. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t always time to dwell extensively on your concerns, fears and questions during office hours and visitations. I would like to change something about that. It’s that lending ear and some help that may make this period so much nicer! 

During my coaching training for midwives and my training to become a maternity processing specialist, I learned to have conversations and to offer tools to women (and men) with psychological complaints. They don't have to be big or heavy. 

I also use EMDR when necessary. This is an effective therapy that is used when you continue to suffer from consequences after a shocking or traumatic event. 

I would like to sign up
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Childbirth Processing Specialist

Judith has since been trained as a childbirth processing specialist and has also completed her midwives coach training. In her blog she will explain to us what this means.

Blog Childbirth Processing Specialist

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect during a coaching conversation?

A coaching trajectory is not a mapped out path. Often, after the first conversation, all kinds of insights emerge that ultimately determine the trajectory. 

The conversation starts with the question: 

  • What brings you here? 
  • What do you want differently in your life? 

Ultimately, we will structure and summarize this together to get to the core. 

There will emerge a subject that will draw your focus and attention. We are going to look at HOW you can start seeing this differently. During the conversations you will receive tools and insights. 

We conclude with a summary, homework and a new appointment. 

Who provides the coaching?

Judith Bekkers-Leijten,
Midwife and educated coach.
Since April 2020 it's possible for cliënts and their partners to turn to Belle Vie Birthcare and Welfare. Many different questions and conversations are passing by. The pshysical complaints don't have to be big or heavy, Judith is always able to support you no matter what your complaints are. 

Practical information coaching

I am affiliated with the VIV; Vereniging Integrale Vitaliteitkunde,

A professional association for therapists. Various health insurances will compansate this way of personal guidance. Depending on your additional insurance compansation is possible. This treatment belongs to alternative care, psychosocial care. Aks your health insurance company about the possibilities. 

  • In the context of personal development employers are (via the occupational physican or the human resources departement) in many cases willing to finance the coachings trajectory.
  • Do you work as a self-employed person? In this case it's possible to enter the costs for coaching as operating expenses. 
  • The conversations are taking place at the main location of the midwifery practice Belle Vie, Rodenborchweg 4, Rosmalen. 

What does coaching costs?

  • A conversation lasts approximately 1-1,5 hours.
  • The costs for a conversation are € 92,50 per hour.

Is coaching only for women?

No, men are also welcome. for them a delivery can also be a impressive event. The change of role in a relationship or family can sometimes have a major impact. 

How do others experience the coaching with Judith?

What appealed most to you in this coaching conversation and why?

After a violent first delivery and a difficult maternity period, I started working with Judith during my second pregnancy. For the first time in a long time, I felt that my sadness and fear was being heard. During the conversations Judith showed a lot of compassion and at the same time she made me aware of my pitfalls in a pleasantly direct way. Judith's calm and down-to-earth approach really appeals to me. Judith holds up a mirror in a subtle way, helps you find your own answers and is cheerful. Therefore, there is a lot of space for perspective and humor. In addition, Judith is very knowledgeable and I never doubted her expertise for a second. She has helped me enormously in reliving my story, so that made me able to give my experience a place. Moreover, Judith is alert and  remembers details with which she can make ends meet. She uses small details from previous conversations in a later stage during the process. This makes you feel really heard and seen. Finally, nothing is too crazy, which creates an open conversation and makes you feel very comfortable with her.

How will you apply the content of this coaching after the conversation? What concrete steps are you going to take?

Thanks to the conversations, my sadness and fear have given way to more self-compassion and power. As a result, I now make more time for my own needs. Indicate boundaries and I apply the brain method (also in daily life 😊),

The goal has been achieved because...

During my second delivery I felt confident in the process, I am proud of my body and I have been able to guard my limits. In addition, my partner and I have come to understand each other better and we have experienced the delivery of our second child as very pleasant.

The information gave me a good idea of ​​the trajectory?

The trajectory arose during the conversations. It was great that we thought together about the right next step. I had no expectations at the start.

Finally, what feedback (compliments and tips) would you like to give?

Thank you for your calm approach and sober view. I hope you can help many more women, men and  families in this way. I learned a lot during this process. Both with a view to childbirth and beyond.


The coaching from Judith helped me very well!

Janine van Geel

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