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Preconception care

The healthiness of your child already starts before your pregnancy. A healthy lifestyle and the right preparations are providing a optimal start for your child. 

What does preconception care contain?

We will aks you to fill in an intake list with your lifestyle and medical history. With this we try to visualize your points of attention to your desire of having a child. 

Hereafter we will give you explanations about taking in folic acid, an optimal lifestyle, varied and healthy food, medication use, factors of riks in the family and the harmful consequenses of using cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and drugs.  We will also discuss your questions, wishes and doubts or fears with regard to being pregnant and giving birth.

We conclude with a report that, on request, can be send to your general practitioner. 

Folic acid

Do you like to get pregnant? Then at least you do need to start taking in folic acid 0,5 mg. This will increase the chance of your child's spinal cord to close properly. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to make an appointment for a childwish consultation hour?

Everyone with the desire of getting pregnant or with specific questions about getting pregnant is welcome.
Are you a youngster or just a bit older, no matter what your history or lifestyle is, if it's about short term or the future. Register yourself via our contactform or make an appointment directly via our assistent. 

What are the costs of a childwish consultation?

De costs for a childwish consultation consult are € 71,83.

Most of the health insurance companies will compensate this for most part. 
Inquire information in advance how this is arranged at your insurance company. 


Do you live in Rosmalen, Groote Wielen, Hintham, Berlicum, Middelrode, Geffen, Nuland or Vinkel? We support you with a delivery at home as well as a delivery at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital or the Hospital Bernhoven. 

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