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Belle Vie all the attention

In Happy expectation! The start of a special period in your life. At Belle Vie we provide with all the time and attention for you, your partner and your unborn child. We offer a well-trusted and safe environment in which we make sure you’re feeling heard. We do everything we can do to make your pregnancy as relaxed as possible. We provide high-quality care from our professional practice. Thereby giving personal attention is always central. We are here for you!


Belle Vie unburdens

Pregnancy is experienced differently by everyone. We think the most important is that you feel comfortable in your own skin. In addition to feeling comfortable during the entire period. Belle Vie relieves and guides you during your pregnancy, childbirth and the maternity period. Together we will have a look at how our guidance will be for you. We will make a plan that suits your needs.


Belle Vie does more

You can also contact us for contraception, coaching, ultrasounds, preconception care and massages. We organize group meetings and in addition have put 2 packages together based on our experience. We ensure that you can enjoy your pregnancy and preparation for your baby without any worries. These packages offer many extras such as ultrasounds, massages and pregnancy courses. This is in line with our vision to be able to offer every pregnant woman and her partner the best possible birth care and the best possible pregnancy.


Do you live in Rosmalen, Groote Wielen, Hintham, Berlicum, Middelrode, Geffen, Nuland or Vinkel? We support you with a delivery at home as well as a delivery at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital or the Hospital Bernhoven. 

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