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"Put your hassle on the coat rack, wipe your feet on the mat. Must and hurry are not neccesary here. Come in and enjoy!"

Why coaching?

I have visited Judith a few times during my pregagnancy. Immediately I felt comfortable around her. She is a good listener, sympathizer and she gives the right advice.  It's nice to find support and understanding from someone when your hormones are rushing through your body. 


I was pregnant for the second time when I first cleared my heart by Judith. Because of massive changes at work and taking care of my 1 year old child, stress increased. I had a lot of physical complaints and set the bar very high for myself. After a nice conversation with judith I proved to be strong enough to set my limits. She taught me what had priority and what had not. The last few weeks of my pregnancy I was able fully foccus on this beautiful time. 
I enjoyed it!

KIM 2693

Do you recognize this?

  • What do you mean by a pink cloud?
  • How am I able to enjoy this pregnancy?
  • I'm afraid to go into labor.
  • After a heavy delivery, you would like to experience the next delivery in a different way. 
  • Are you not able to relax after giving birth to your child?
  • Does your stomach still ache on the birthday of you child 4 years after giving birth?

There are still many more subject, big or small, which can cause you concerns.

During the coach-training for midwifes I have learned to make conversations and offer tools to women (and men) with physical complaints. These complaints don't have to be big or heavy.


When the hormones are rushing through your body

During my job as a midwife I notice that some women are mentally stuck during their pregnancy, maternity care of the time after that. They're struggling with a lot of feelings, questions or fears. Moreover not only women are struggling with their new role as a parent but also their partners. It's a rollercoaster in which I would like to support you.

Unfortunatley during consultation hours and house visitations there is not always enough time to reflect extensively on your concerns. I would like to change that. Because someone who is actually listening and helping can make so much of a difference!

KIM 2675

Frequently asked questions

Practical information coaching

I am affiliated with the VIV; Vereniging Integrale Vitaliteitkunde,
a professional association for therapists. Various health insurances will compansate this way of personal guidance. 
Depending on your additional insurance compansation is possible. This treatment belongs to alternative care. Aks your health insurance company about the possibilities. 

  • In the context of personal development employers are (via the occupational physican or the human resources departement) in many cases willing to finance the coachings trajectory.
  • Do you work as a self-employed person? In this case it's possible to enter the costs for coaching as operating expenses. 
  • The conversations are taking place at the main location of the midwifery practice Belle Vie, Rodenborchweg 4, Rosmalen. 

What does coaching costs?

  • A conversation lasts approximately 2  hours.
  • The costs for a conversation are € 82,50,- per hour.

Who provides the coaching?

Judith Bekkers-Leijten,
Midwife and educated coach.
Since April 2020 it's possible for cliënts and their partners to turn to Belle Vie Birthcare and Welfare. Many different questions and conversations are passing by. The pshysical complaints don't have to be big or heavy, Judith is always able to support you no matter what your complaints are. 

Is coaching only for women?

No, men are also welcome. for them a delivery can also be a impressive event. The change of role in a relationship or family can sometimes have a major impact. 

The coaching from Judith helped me very well!

Janine van Geel

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