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Frequently asked questions


What can I expect during a coaching conversation?

A coaching trajectory is not a mapped out path. Often, after the first conversation, all kinds of insights emerge that ultimately determine the trajectory. 

The conversation starts with the question: 

  • What brings you here? 
  • What do you want differently in your life? 

Ultimately, we will structure and summarize this together to get to the core. 

There will emerge a subject that will draw your focus and attention. We are going to look at HOW you can start seeing this differently. During the conversations you will receive tools and insights. 

We conclude with a summary, homework and a new appointment. 

Who provides the coaching?

Judith Bekkers-Leijten,
Midwife and educated coach.
Since April 2020 it's possible for cliënts and their partners to turn to Belle Vie Birthcare and Welfare. Many different questions and conversations are passing by. The pshysical complaints don't have to be big or heavy, Judith is always able to support you no matter what your complaints are. 

Practical information coaching

I am affiliated with the VIV; Vereniging Integrale Vitaliteitkunde,

A professional association for therapists. Various health insurances will compansate this way of personal guidance. Depending on your additional insurance compansation is possible. This treatment belongs to alternative care, psychosocial care. Aks your health insurance company about the possibilities. 

  • In the context of personal development employers are (via the occupational physican or the human resources departement) in many cases willing to finance the coachings trajectory.
  • Do you work as a self-employed person? In this case it's possible to enter the costs for coaching as operating expenses. 
  • The conversations are taking place at the main location of the midwifery practice Belle Vie, Rodenborchweg 4, Rosmalen. 

What does coaching costs?

  • A conversation lasts approximately 1-1,5 hours.
  • The costs for a conversation are € 92,50 per hour.
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