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Extra fun ultrasound

What is the perfect time to have a extra fun ultrasound?

Depending on your wish, what you want to see, we use certain pregnancy weeks.

  • An early fun ultrasound can be made between 6 and 16 weeks pregnant
  • A gender determination ultrasound can be made from 14 - 15 weeks
  • The best period for a 3/4 D ultrasound is from 26 weeks.

Where can I register if I want an ultrasound?

Through our assistant you can indicate what kind of fun ultrasound you would like to have made. She will look at the right term together with you.

How can I pay for a fun ultrasound?

For the fun ultrasounds it is possible to pay by card as well as in cash. It is also possible to give a gift voucher.

I am a bit fuller and my placenta is in the front. When is the best time to have a fun ultrasound?

To determine the sex it is best to make an ultrasound appointment from 16 weeks. For a 3D/4D ultrasound, we recommend making the fun ultrasound between 27 and 28 weeks.

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