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How do I prepare for an ultrasound?

If the ultrasound is made before being 13 weeks pregnant, do not pee in the last 2 hours beforehand. This ensures that your bladder is well filled. It's not necessary to drink more than usual. Ultrasound images are better visible if you don't use bodylotion or showercream on your belly from two days in advance of the ultrasound.  

What's happening during an ultrasound?

A transducer - some kind of camera - is placed against your belly. Sound waves are used to create images of the internal structures of the human body. This makes it possible to see the baby in the womb. This examination will not cause any discomfort.


Ultrasounds which are made very early in the pregnancy are almost always internal, through the vagina.

Am I allowed to make a movie during the ultrasound?

No. An ultrasound is an medical examination. If abnormalities are being seen, we can immediately respond to your questions and provide you with an explanation for a treatment- or accompanimentplan. 

Is it allowed to bring more than one person to the ultrasound?

We aks you to come together with your partner. We do understand that it's great to look at your unborn child. However, the ultrasounds we request do have a medical reason. That's why you do need to come with your partner, please leave others and/or small children at home. We do ask your understanding for this. Making an medical ultrasound and providing you with information about it does require accuracy and concentration. Fuss or distraction in the room may affect the quality. It's only allowed to bring in extra people if you like to make an extra ultrasound for fun, if the measures of Corona allows it. 

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